Hui Hang Caravan Trail is the best hiking route from Shanghai


2 Days Trekking on the Ancient Hui Hang Caravan Trail (From Shanghai)

Day 1

1:00 p.m. taking a taxi to Jixi from shanghaiThis is an ancient town with two-thousand-year history, which is named as one of the Most Famous Historical and Cultural City/Town in China by the central government. Stay in the Jixi County after dinner.

Day 2

Getting up on 7:00 a.m.After breakfast we will drive to the starting of the ancient Hui Hang Caravan Trail, start our trekking, following the footprints of the Anhui merchants.

Almost unknown to tourists until several years ago, Hui Hang Caravan Trail was the ancient route linking Anhui with Zhejiang. As its name suggests, the trail was used to transport tea from Hui Zhou (part of Anhui) in exchange for grains in Hang Zhou (capital of Zhejiang). Thanks to the tail, merchants can save at least 50 kilometers traveling, that's a huge benefit for the merchants at that time even the trail was more challenging. The trail is across a landscape of beautiful mountains, bamboo forests, ancient villages, colorful fields, wonderful cliff, and so on.

Have lunch at Lan Tian Ao (the top of the Trail, about 1,050 meters altitude)

Keep walking on this beautiful trail the afternoon, enjoying the stunning view, and hiking itself will be much easier, most likely going down. After 1.5 hours, we could arrive at small village and the end of the trail. Take a taxi to Shanghai.


RMB 920 (or $ 150 ) pp based on 10 or 10+  persons

We would charge on 10 persons (RMB 9,200) if there are less than 10 persons.

Includes Taxi, accommodation (Saturday night), entrance fee, first-day dinner, second-day breakfast and lunch, English speaking tour guide.


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